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Engaging Senior Adults With a Passion

Samantha Cohen, daughter of Emily and Dan Cohen, wanted to do something to help others during the pandemic for her Bat Mitzvah project.  She reached out to Crown Center hoping to find a way to connect with some of the senior adult residents and create an uplifting, fun experience for them.  Crown residents are used to being active, busy, and social. Providing ways to engage and connect with them, even from a distance, is beneficial to their well-being, especially during the isolation caused by the pandemic.

 Because Samantha loves art and wanted to share her passion for painting and drawing, she created an “Art Project Care Package” for the residents who, during “normal” times, regularly participate in art classes at Crown.  The package contained all the supplies needed for the projects as well as a note from Samantha.  She even hand-painted every individual package with lovely designs to personalize them and make them “special” for the recipients.

 The packages and the projects were extremely well-received: “This gift is a bright spot because it gives me a chance to do something different.”