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Are you getting tired of cooking? Are you looking for a safe alternative?

Are you getting tired of cooking?  Are you looking for a safe alternative?

We invite you to take advantage of Crown Center’s Catered Dining Program providing healthy, delicious and affordable meals for seniors, 60+ Monday – Friday.

Take a look at July’s delicious offerings: July Menu

Note: when you order Monday’s delivery/pickup, you will receive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s meals. When you order Thursday’s delivery/pickup, you will receive Thursdays & Friday’s meals.You can order either Monday’s meals, Thursday’s meals or both.

Due to the support of the community and the number of people who are currently taking advantage of our Dining Program, we are not currently taking reservations for individual meals.

Please call 314-991-2055 to see if you qualify for home delivery and to learn more about this wonderful program. Note that there are no income requirements to receive meals. The suggested donation per meal is $3.

Please let us know if you require alternate meals (meat free) prior to Tisha B’Av July 22- 29.