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Good for the body, soul & mind

“One… Two… Three… Four…” Aaron Edelstein’s energetic voice booms off the walls.

With sunlight shimmering and jazzy music in the air, the RPI physical therapy trainer puts his troops through the paces with a series of leg stretches and shoulder rolls. Often calling his students by name, Edelstein works hard to give individual attention to each participant in his chair-based aerobics class, Resistance to Age.

“I don’t have stress, but for people who do it’s good for them,” Cleo Anderson said of the session. “It’s really relaxing for the body, soul and mind.”

Quick with a laugh and a joke, the Crown resident’s manner can put anyone at ease, the kind of demeanor that Edelstein himself exudes.

“That’s another thing that’s nice,” she said. “He encourages us to do what we can do. He doesn’t put pressure on us.”

Nearby, her friend 80+ year old Geneva Davis said the session is a good one. She has equally kind words for Crown as a whole. “It’s a beautiful place to be,” she said.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

As the engine hums and the sights of Delmar Boulevard flash by the windows of Crown Center’s bus, Thelma Balk is clear when asked whether she enjoys the amenities provided by the complex she’s called home for so long.

“I wouldn’t have moved here otherwise,” she said.

Thelma made that move 15 years ago—about the same time she stopped driving. Thanks to the Crown Center bus, there’s little need to hit the road on her own. Whether it’s a jaunt to the grocery store, pharmacy, or bank, Crown’s 14-seat accessible bus makes it possible for Balk to ride in comfort while someone else handles the wheel.

Those trips are pretty useful for Martha Hardy, too. Walking the wide aisles of Trader Joe’s, she is determined to find the right ingredients for her kitchen experiments.

Hardy still drives but finds it easier to join friends on the bus, rather than fight traffic in her ’92 Oldsmobile. “It’s less costly too,” she says with a smile at the checkout.