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Carefully Crafted and so very tasty

Sandy Trentmann loves the brisket! Of course, she’s got room in her heart for more than one favorite. “The grilled salmon is restaurant quality,” she said. “It really is.”

Between the oven-fried tilapia and the Tex-Mex beef, the food in the Kosher Dining Room is as healthy as it is tasty—thanks to the work of Chef Jon Rubin who carefully crafts the menu. For a donation of just $3, it’s affordable too.

As Sandy dines, she speaks proudly about the home delivery program to people nearby who are unable to come to get out. It’s a way resident and community volunteers help others. “Today, we sent out 28 meals,” Sandy explained.

But it’s not just the apple kugel that makes the dining room beloved to so many. Like everything at Crown, it’s also about the people you meet. Among those Sandy met was a fellow resident who became a great friend.

“We’ve become really good buddies,” she said.